Hand coded HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, and well commented, modular, Object Oriented CSS3 via Sass. Write less, do more!

Sass / Compass / Susy

Smart @extend's, @mixin's, and partials sprinkled with Compass for cross-browser support. Susy grids for outstandingly responsive layouts on all devices.

Command Line

Command line Git, Mercurial and SVN for the ultimate in source controlled team work. Bower, Grunt, NPM from local development, to staging and deployment.


10+ years experience working with designers and their PSD's, keeping them thrilled, informed, and motivated.

Latest Work

About Me

In my 14 year career I've worked with both large and small teams, in-house and remotely. My true love is Object Oriented, modular, mobile-first(!) Sass/CSS; although I've really taken a liking to Javascript as of late (haven't we all?). I've worked with backend teams amongst a number of PHP frameworks, including Kohana and Symfony; as well as Javascript frameworks including Ember, Angular and Backbone. Occasionally I update a well used open source Delicious Chrome Extension I created a few years ago.

Previously I've worked for 2Advanced Studios where I led Front End Development on a number of websites, including Call of Duty, Transformers and Toyota's Intranet. Before that I worked for Sole Technology, where I led Front End Development for all of their flagship brands, including etnies, Emerica, éS Footwear and ThirtyTwo.